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200L Sandalwood Oil Distillation Equipment to Australia

200L Sandalwood Oil Distillation Equipment to Australia

Destination: Australia
Capacity: 200L
Feature: turnkey system
Application: for sandal wood essential oil extraction

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Equipment Name

 200 L Sandalwood Oil Distillation Equipment


French Essential Oil Extraction Equipment

1. Structure: Distillation tank, fermenter, slag discharge valve, discharge valve, defoamer, condensation tower, steam filter, 3-stage oil-water separator and other related pipelines. The surface polishing of the equipment is Ra0.6μm, and the surface mirror treatment Ra0.8μm, ensuring no sanitary corners and meeting the requirements of GMP.

2. Distillation kettle: effective volume: 200L, steam straight through combined with jacket heating, the material is more evenly heated.

3. Defoamer: the size is Φ159×300, δ=3mm/SUS304, the stainless steel wire mesh inside, quick opening on the top for easy cleaning. Meet GMP requirements.

4. Condensation tower: condenser + cooler. The heat exchange area is greater than 1.2 m2.δ = 2mm / SUS304 stainless steel.

5. Oil-water separator capacity :30 liters, δ=1.5mm/SUS304, top glass

6. Steam filter: titanium rod filter, flow rate 1m3 / h, the shell material is SUS304 stainless steel.

7. Other accessories: cleaning brush, thermometer, pressure gauge and so on.


Working Platform

Carbon Steel Structure, tread plate countertop


Gas Boiler(Selectable)

1. Structure: The equipment consists of one boiler, a feeding system, a blower, an induced draft fan, an ignition system, a control system and an ignition rod.


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