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Buyers Guide for Essential Oil Distiller

Description of Buyers Guide for Essential Oil Distiller

For many novices in essential oil extraction, how to choose a suitable essential oil distiller is a big problem. Which factors should you consider and what will save your production cost? As a big manufacturer and exporter of essential oil distiller, we will give you a detailed buyers guide.

Bestseller List

Tips: This list is according to our consult and transaction data.

No.1 Home Essential Oil Distillation Kit

Purchasing Reason: Its capacity is 10L, applicable to most kinds of aromatic plants like rose, lavender,lime, thyme,etc. Most customers buy it for diy essential oil extraction because its operation is very easy and flexible. The most important is its cheap price. And we present induction cooker as your fuel supply.

home essential oil distillation kit.jpg

No.2 Commercial Essential Oil Distiller

Purchasing Reason: The regular-purchasing model is 20L,50L,100L,200L,300L. Most of these customers have a small flower farm or use it for lab experiment. The capacity of this essential oil distiller is easy to expand,which is good for future business development.

essential oil distillation equipment for sale.jpg

No. 3 Large Essential Oil Plant

Purchasing Reason: They choose us because of our in-time service and professional team. Because of large processing capacity, more details need to be considered like the convenient input of material, sewage discharge, fuel supply,etc. Our professional technology team can make change according to the customer’s requirements.

What They Buy Essential Oil Distiller for

Most customers choose essential oil distiller for the extraction of rose, lavender, basil, citronella, sandalwood, garlic,vanilla, lemongrass, leptospermum scoparium leaves, cinnomon, nutmeg, ginger, onlyessential, helichrysum, cinnaman, tea tree, lilac, barbarism, eucalyptus, l’Aloe, sourso, peppermint, gojiberry, clove buds, black cumin seed, mint, pine resin, algae, oregano, etc.

Some customers inquire essential oil cold press machine for lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit,etc. The others inquire supercritical CO2 essential oil extractor for cannabis, hemp and high-grade organic oil extraction. You can choose right essential oil extractor according to your aromatic plants.

Purchasing Details You Should Care About

1. Single layer or double layers

The essential oil extraction pot can be single-layer, double-layer or even three-layer. The difference is that double-layer or three layer has better insulation effect which will save energy consumption, thus saving production cost.

2. Raw Material Input

For the capacity below 100L, you can choose upright essential oil distiller or essential oil equipment with basket. The basket type is for saving labor intensity through lever principle. For larger capacity than 100L, we should consider other input ways like leaving input entrance on the side the extraction pot.

3. Sewage Discharge

For different capacities, discharge ways are also different. Basket type essential oil distiller uses basket to input material and discharge sewage. For other kinds of essential oil machine, discharge outlet will be at the bottom or the side of the essential oil distillation plant. When you choose, you can choose the way according to your preference and capacity.

4. Fuel Supply

For essential oil distillation, enough and stable steam supply is very important. For small capacity like 50L, we can directly use built-in electric heater. For 100-300L, we recommend electrical steam generator; for large capacity over 300L, we recommend oil/gas/biomass pellet steam boiler. It is certain that fuel supply is selectable according to your real situation and local condition. Anyway, we will give you best solution.

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