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DIY Essential Oil Distillation Kit

DIY Essential Oil Distillation Kit

Material: 304 stainless steel
Capacity: 10 L
Color: Silver
Extraction way: Water distillation, steam distillation
Application: Steam distillation of most aromatic plants

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Why to Use The Distillation Way

Distillation is a popular,simple and fast essential oil extraction way. 95% of the aromatic plant essential oil can be extracted by distillation to get. Under the high temperature of steam over 100 ℃, the essential oil can be rapidly released from plant materials to prevent the destruction of essential oils.

Nongle essential oil distillation kit is made of 304 stainless steel, clean and durable. 10L Capacity is an ideal choice for the beginners, home, small business, SPA clubs, schools, labs, essential oil and aromatherapy products stores. If you look for big model, we have commercial essential oil machine for you.   

Small Essential Oil Distiller Feature

  1. 1532610328602852.jpg Free Combination. All the parts can be removed and combined by yourself. The process is easy and funny.When you don’t use, it can be well packed to save space.

  2. Clean and Pure. We adopt 304 stainless steel, ensuring a clean distillation process and the quality of essential oil.

  3. New Design. We add a gaskets to prevent steam leaks, thus saving energy.

  4. Easy Operation. When you get it, you will know how to use it. Besides, we have video and guide book for you.

  5. Small and portable. It is of compact structure. You can move it to any place you want.

  6. Multi-function. It could be used for either water distillation or steam distillation.

Operating Video of DIY Essential Oil Distiller


Raw Material Of Essential Oil Distillation Kit

Most of aromatic materials are available: lavender, rosemary, pine and fir needles, mint, basil, eucalyptus leaves, rose, jasmine,violet, cypress,etc. If your raw material is not mentioned, welcome to ask our online customer service.


Detail Show of Homemade Essential oil distiller

 Details of steam distillation kit

Parameter of Essential Oil Distillation Apparatus

Model Capacity Color Weight Packing Size Material
XZN-JYJ-10 10L Silver 9.8 kg 480*480*560 mm 304 stainless steel

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