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How to Make Cardamon Essential Oil

Description of How to Make Cardamon Essential Oil

Cardamom is a ginger plant that produces warm essential oils. Its essential oils are colorless or yellow, sweet and warm. The main ingredients are terpineol, eucalyptol, and a little gingerene and limonene.

Cardamom essential oils are generally not used on the skin. The warmth is very suitable for nourishing the stomach, which can effectively prevent constipation, improve flatulence, nausea, bad breath, diarrhea and other issues. It is a good diuretic, suitable for dysuria and hernia.

cardamom-oils.jpgSomething important to note about cardamom: It's generally gentler and safer for children than other oils. Because many digestive or respiratory oils, such as Eucalyptus or Peppermint, are often avoided with younger kids, it can be hard to find suitable solutions. But cardamom can actually be a great substitute for many digestive and respiratory needs.

It is a very common spicy in Southeast Asia. It is also can be found in many places to make essential oil. Guatemala is widely known to have the best growing conditions to produce the most potent oil.

Essential oil makers usually use steam distillation to get cardamon essential oil. To get the best levels of chemical constituents possible, cardamon seeds need to undergone a long drying process( over 3 months).

As for the distillation equipment, most people choose stainless steel essential oil distiller, which is safe and clean. This kind made by Nongle is of double layers, which is helpful to save energy.

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