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How to Make Citrus Oil

Description of How to Make Citrus Oil

Citrus Plants are the main sources of benefit-rich essential oils because of their many uses in food and medicine. What are the members of this family? The main kinds are lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, grapefruit,lime,etc.

We usually get citrus oil from their peels. And Because most of the citrus essential oils are not resistant to the heat of distillation and its essence will be destroyed during the extraction process, we usually use extrusion method. 


For personal use, you can use completely physical way or extract with alcohol. The first way is to hold a piece of natural sponge and rub back and forth. The peel is squeezed and the essential oil extruded from the peel is then completely absorbed by the natural sponge. Then you can squeeze the essential oil into the jar.

1542703452515243.jpgIf you want to save some labor, you can distill essential oil with alcohol. Peel your fruit and lay the rinds out to dry. Then cut the peels into small pieces. Place the peels into a jar and cover with enough grain alcohol. Let the mixture sit for two or three days. Using a coffee filter or a cheese cloth, strain the mixture into a shallow dish. Finally, wait for the alcohol to evaporate and get citrus oil. The evaporating process usually takes up to a week or more.

Obviously, these methods are not suitable for large-scale citrus oil. We need essential oil cold press machine. After cleaning, the citrus fruits are conveyed into the essential oil extractor machine by feed scrapers. Then the rotating needle roller pricks the oil vacuoles on the fruit skin to extract oil. Finally, a water prayer washes the oil on citrus surface into a collector. After that, the water and citrus oil are separated by a separator.

Of the citrus family, lime is a little special. It is extracted by distillation machine because lime essential oil got by this way is unique in flavor and of better quality than extrusion.

Therefore, we can know that if we want to get quality essential oil, we need to have full knowledge of the characteristics of the aromatic plants,flowers or fruit. Learning from the mature practices and choosing a right way is very important.

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