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How to Make Ginger Essential Oil

Description of How to Make Ginger Essential Oil

Originally produced in Asia, ginger essential oil is one of the earliest flavors of the East to West. It can be found in India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Queensland and Florida. Among them, the ginger of China and India is of pharmacological properties, which is widely sued in cooking and health care.

It has been found that there are more than 100 components in ginger oil. The most important  component is sesquiterpene hydrocarbons(50%-66%). The second is oxygenated sesquiterpenes. The rest are monoterpene hydrocarbons and oxygenated monoterpenes.

f55k58mz2bltn7mcs39j._副本.jpgStudies have found that eucalyptus (l,8-cineole), linalool, citronellylacetate, borneol, geranial and geraniol are the most important aroma component of fresh ginger.

Ginger essential oil has many beneficial effects: curing flatulence, bringing down fever, reducing phlegm and body warming. It can also be added into shampoo, which is to remove head wind and headache.

A few drops of ginger essential oil can be added to the hot water of the foot bath to achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation and meridians, and the effect of removing athlete's foot odor.

This essential oil is made from the unpeeled roots or dried ground part. After the ginger block are washed and tehen distill them by steam essential oil distiller for about 2 hours, then you can get ginger essential oil. The oil yield is between 0.27-0.33%(it will be affected by multiple factors). 

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