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How to Make Rose Essential Oil

Description of How to Make Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is one of the very expensive essential oils extracted from Rose petals. Every one may use it. Then, how to make rose essential oil?

If you just like to try for fun, you also can do essential oil extraction. One way is to use jojoba oil to take the rose essence out. Or you can use some vessel in your kitchen to distiller rose oil from petals. No matter which way you choose, the whole process include preparation work will be long and the oil yield is very low.

Another better choice is to use money to save time. 10L home essential oil distillation kit is very popular. 10 L here refers to the volume of essential oil kit. The essential oil you can get depends on the aromatic plant kinds and the temperature you choose. The whole process only take about 2 hours, you can get essential oil or floral water. You will not need to soak or freeze for several days. 

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After a trial, do you want to start your own essential oil business? Buy a small essential oil distiller. The popular model is 10-100L. It also refers to its volume. And usually we use 70%-80% of its volume to store aromatic plants and water. The ratio of water to raw materials is generally 4:1, 5:1, 6:1. Of course, those experienced essential oil manufacturer has their own secret of success. You also can test at which temperature you can get more essential oil with pure quality.

You may wonder why you need a quality essential oil distiller if there are so many reasons influencing your essential oil quality. There are three reasons: firstly, stainless steel essential oil distiller with double layers can save energy consumption;then, automatic temperature control can ensure consistent temperature level to ensure essential oil quality; the last, reasonable design enable smooth extracting process and better separation of oil and water.

What's the specific rose oil extracting process? When using steam distillation to extract rose essential oils, put the rose petals into the distiller machine and inject water. Then, set the right temperature. Under the temperature over 100 ℃, these volatile oil molecules are released from plant materials into the steam.

The steam that contain essential oils will pass through the cooling system, condense and form liquid so that the essential oils and water can be separated from each other finally.

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