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How to Make Sage Essential Oil

Description of How to Make Sage Essential Oil

sage leaves.jpgYou may have heard of both: sage and clary sage and might think they are same. In fact, they have different components. Here we’d like to talk about sage essential oil. It is a kind of powerful and amazing essential oil that may the answers to a lot of problems relating to your physical and general health. Then how to make sage essential oil?

Sage oil is obtained from either fresh or dried leaves and stems. Its volatile oil is extracted by steam distillation or hydro distillaiton.

Hydro Distillation

In the stage of flowering, the plant material is collected and air-dried immediately after harvesting in a shady site for 15 days. Then for higher yield, you had better milled them to a particle size of 6 mm. The water-to-herb ratio can be 1:10. The heating way depend on your processing quantity. For 100-300 L, we suggest electrical steam generator for you. If your capacity is larger, you use steam boiler, which can save energy consumption greatly. Some people use microwave to heat, which is also a good choice.The oil yield is about 1.35 ml/100 g.

Steam Distillation

sage essential oil.jpgFor steam distillation, fresh chopped up plant material will be better. The essential oil distiller is packed full of leaves and steamed. This steam is then cooled quickly and condensed back into a liquid form. The sage essential oil is then collected from the top of this liquid. With stable steam supply, the extracting time will be a little short. Temperatures required for optimal steam distillation typically fall between 140° F and 212° F (60° C and 100° C). 

The components of sage oil got by two ways has a little different, but all the characteristic components can be found in both ways. As for how to get better quality or higher yield, we can’t have more ideas. After all, experience is the best teacher. Hope our guide can give you some inspiration.

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