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Lemongrass Essential Oil Production

Description of Lemongrass Essential Oil Production

fc3501_sweetlemongrass_2_副本.jpgLemongrass oil is one of the bestselling oil in the world because of its fresh and enjoyable sent. In recent years, Latin America and Europe are leading regional markets importing lemongrass oil. However, being origin region of lemongrass oil, Asia Pacific market leading exporter market for lemongrass oil, India and China are major producer markets. Asia pacific and Europe markets are expected to witness higher growth in forecast period. In Asian countries such as, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia, lemongrass oil is a popular ingredient in many culinary delights. The market demand of lemongrass oil is increasing its popularity in flavoring Asian cooking too. Lemongrass oil is gaining popularity from health conscious consumers from Latin America, which is driving market growth in the region.

Its popularity is because of its abundant usages in pharmaceutical, cosmetics&personal care, and food and beverages. In pharmaceutic field, lemongrass oil is used to relieve muscle aches and body pains like headaches. For skin care, it tones and purifies the skin while its anti-inflammatory properties relieve redness, itching and swelling. It is also widely used in soaps, deodorants, shampoos, conditioner, body lotion, air freshener and tonics. Last but not the least, it is traditionally used in food and beverage market.

How to get qualified oil? Let’s first have a knowledge of lemongrass. Lemongrass thrives in tropical and subtropical regions such as India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, Camboida and Guatemala. The essential oil is extracted from fresh plant material by means of steam distillation.


Lemongrass is filled in the distillation still and the steam is injected in the still by the help of steam spargers provided at the bottom of the vessel. The upcoming steam carries away the oil from the lemon grass and passes to the condenser through vapour line,where these vapours get condensed and oil and water are separated in the separators. Oil being lighter is separated out from the top and water being heavier is taken out from the bottom of separators. The oil thus obtained is lemongrass oil having 80-85% citral content. To make it stable, the terpenes are separated using fractional distillation.

Since steam distillation is a common way to extract lemongrass oil, how to choose a good essential oil distiller? We suggest stainless steel essential oil distiller for you because stainless steel is safe and easy to clean. More importantly,its capacity has big range, so you have more choices.

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