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Mint Essential oil Production

Description of Mint Essential oil Production

The production of aromatic species to obtain essential oils has a great economic importance, mainly due to the increasing demand generated by food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Among many aromatic species, menthol mint has a great market demand, a consequence of its various applications in different sectors of industry.


How to get quality mint essential oil? First, species is very important. Of the members of the mint family, several varieties of peppermint are the most important. USA, Canada, Europe, Britain, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, China,India and Japan are the main producing areas. Then, harvesting at right time. The whole plant is cut at flowering stage for steam distillation. The oil is found on the undersides of the leaves. Finally, choosing a quality essential oil distiller. The steam distillation equipment should be stainless steel.

How to judge the quality of peppermint oil? The quality of oil is determined by the correct combination of chemical constituents, especially menthol, menthone and the absence of menthofuran. The higher the menthol content is, the better quality the mint essential oil is of.

下载 (1).jpegWhat can we do with mint essential oil? It is mainly used in food,cosmetics and medicine. Peppermint oil can be a flavoring in ice cream, soft drinks, chewing gum and other varieties. It can also be found in shampoos, soaps, balms, toothpaste. Medicine with peppermint is used to relieve flatulence, bloating and colic, inhibit the growth of certain bacteria and can assist in smoothing and relaxing muscles when inhaled or applied to the skin.  The increase in worldwide demand is currently at about 5 % a year.

Since mint essential oil is so popular, if you are close to its original place or plant it, why not buy an essential oil distiller to start your business? Nongle has quality stainless steel essential oil distiller from 10L to 5000L.Welcome to choose one for your mint essential oil production.

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