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How to Choose Ideal Essential Oil Machine

Description of How to Choose Ideal Essential Oil Machine

To get the best extracting effect and save cost, choosing a right essential oil machine is very important. Then, how to do? There are three factors: extraction ways, capacity and heating ways.

Extraction Methods

1533781890794155.jpgDifferent aromatic plants have their own characteristics. Some are sensitive to the heat, some are not resistant to the heat. Therefore, we should choose different extraction methods. There are four main methods: distillation,cold press, supercritical co2 and solvent extraction. Distillation is applicable for most of aromatic plants and flower. Essential oil distiller is designed for this method.

Distillation also can be divided into water distillation, steam distillation and water/steam distillation. As for which specific way to choose, it depends on the special raw material. Nongle essential oil distillation machine can satisfy these small different requirements.

Citrus fruits are not resistant to the heat and its active components are easily damaged by high temperature, so cold press is the best extraction way. Citrus peels takes up 22-28% of the citrus fruit weight. It can be divided into exocarp, sarcocarp and endocarp. The exocarp is full of oil vacuoles, which contain pigment and essential oil. Essential oil cold press is born for citrus fruit.


1533781890842174.jpgCannabis and hemp are two common kinds using supercritical CO2 for they have highest request for purity. The advantage of co2 extraction is that it has a strong adsorption capacity and can bring out various active components. Nongle co2 extraction machine’s extracting time is shorter than other competitive manufacturers and is of no solvent residue.

Processing Capacity

Essential oil distiller is of lower cost and wide processing capacity compared with co2 extraction machine. The capacity of Nongle essential oil distiller is of 10L to 6000L. No matter you like to buy one for own use or for commercial use, you can find a proper one.

Co2 extraction machine is of small capacity, usually between 0.5L- 100L. Chinese supercritical co2 extraction machine is high cost-effective, so if you are seeking an economic co2 extraction machine, you can choose Nongle's.

Essential oil cold press machine usually work together work with other fruit processing equipment for it only extracts essential oil from peels. After that, it still can be fed into juice production line to extract orange juice. Therefor, essential oil cold press machine is of large capacity, ranging from 3 t/h to 10 t/h.

Heating Ways

For 20L-100L, built-in electric heating is very convenient and of less land occupancy.For 200L-500L, electric steam generator has higher efficiency. If your capacity is over 500L, using electricity will be costly. Stove will be a best choice. Nongle will recommend suitable heating ways according to your capacity. 

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